Developed by the Ivalis Group, this methodology initially created for inventory codes EAN has since become a benchmark on the market. Perfectly used by our teams, it’s for you an efficiency and reliability guarantee.
  • A very strict tagging, very tight, which kills every risk of error in the exhaustiveness of the final result of your inventory. It also enables exhaustive controls, because the zone subject to control is human sized.
  • A seizure defined according to the specificities of your brand, to perfectly answer your type of inventory control.
  • Controls and corrections realized in real-time during the inventory to guarantee reliability and precision. Thus Ivalis offers you a wide range of control systems: Controls by ticket publishing, control by hand-spray, control by surveys, control of facing, …
  • A validation and delivery of the results at the end of the inventory: the guarantee of an exploitable result at once.

This methodology is operated in each of our services: EAN or RFID inventories, audits, inquiries, deployment of anti-theft devices and product identification.

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