The outsourcing of the inventory is a real strategic tool of management in the retail industry.

A study led throughout forty retail brands allowed to understand the motivations:

  • To count on a team which it is the job, an organization totally dedicated to this activity and perfectly adapted tools.
  • Focus store teams on their own job: the business.
  • Avoid tensions linked to the realization of the inventories and in particular during the night work.
  • Avoid the closure of stores and impact on Turnover.
  • To guarantee a perfect reliability of the information.
  • Control the costs, in particular the hidden costs, particularly numerous in this activity: Management of the temps and permanent staff, extra hours, time of recovery, impact on sales…

This choice is carried out by thousands of financial or store managers in every retail sector.

Why not you?

To choose the outsourcing of an inventory, it is like to use a car with an automatic box, once you have tried it, you don’t go back to manual.

Francois P. Store Manager