For Frederic Marchal, President of Ivalis Group, the company’s culture is built over three main values :
  • Solidarity « An inventory is first and foremost the result of a teamwork »
  • Progress « Running inventories is a young business, changing permanently »
  • Performance « Our clients expect accurate and reliable results within a few hours. They count on us. »

“These values are the group DNA. We can find them in every subsidiary, every office, every department – either among the direction teams or on the field”.
“As a young and fast growing company, we also feel extremely concerned about the world where we leave. This is why we are also working deeply on social and environment responsibilities.
Two concrete examples of this ambition:
– Ivalis has developed a zero paper control system, available for every single inventory.
– Ivalis is increasing every year the number of agencies in order to reduce travelling – and therefore Carbon emissions, tiredness and risks for the teams.”