Ivalis – France

Specificities of warehouse inventories:

Christophe Liebold, Regional Manager for the Northwest Region, had numerous opportunities to work on the implementation of projects linked to this sector: «considering the size of warehouses, each inventory is unique and the answer given by Ivalis has to be tailormade. In the course of these various experiences, we have gotten used to work closely with our clients so as to define on one hand the specifications and on the other the optimal way of realizing the inventory».

The approach by Ivalis:

  • The capacity to build tailormade solutions and to define a process matched to client needs
  • Geographical proximity, the capacity to select and mobilize hundreds of experienced operators Quality of the management: employees in charge of the store inventories are all experienced Ivalis collaborators
  • The choice of simplicity, efficiency and professionalism: every inventory is run on a very straight process

What our clients think about it:

«If I count the hidden costs, it does not cost more to call a provider (texte manquant) of the intern stocks, …»

«We realize that we are faced with inventory professionals…»

(*) Study carried out by CM international amongst 45 retail brands

HQI quality poll:

Average 9,47
Criterias Notes /10
Inventory preparation by Ivalis 9,58
The Ivalis control 9,17
Reliability of the data given 9,58
Consideration of specificities 9,50
The quality of the operators 9,50

(*) HQI quality polI carried out within 80 customers of Ivalis