Ivalis – France

The inventory specificities for sport stores:
Stéphane Grémont, Sales and Operation Director, knows well the stakes for physical inventorying on this type of products. “To quickly and effectively realize a quality inventory in this sector, requires real knowledge because every shelf is very specific. I term of organization, the way of taking care of the different shelves is totally different if you are in the fishing section or the shoe section. Indeed for example, the number of operators by managerial employee and the required level of experience will not be the same.”

This knowledge and this expertise that has developed over the years has made Ivalis into the store inventory specialist in this retail industry.

The approach used by Ivalis

  • A strong expertise of the sport sector and its specificities
  • Simple and efficient tools, whatever the product
  • An experience within any sized networks: from the independent store to the national network.
  • Geographical proximity, the capacity to select and mobilize several hundred experienced operators from the same labor market.
  • Quality of the supervision: the people in charge of the store inventories are all experienced Ivalis collaborators.
  • Quality assurance of audits.

What our clients think: (*)
« The inventory is essential in our activity: we cannot allow a shortage in stocks on a key reference, especially on busy days such as Saturdays. »

(*) Study carried out by CM international amongst 45 retail brands

HQI quality poll :

Qualité des opérateurs 8,33
Criterias Notes /10
Critères 8,58
Inventory preparation by Ivalis 9,17
The Ivalis control 8,33
Reliability of the data given 8,33
Consideration of specificities 8,75

(*) HQI quality polI carried out within 80 customers of Ivalis