Ivalis – France

Inventory specificities for perfumery:

For Michel Royer, Key account Manager, « The realization of a quality inventory in this sector is likned to the selection of the operators, a precise sizing of the teams, in particular in term of supervision and a real experience from the person in charge of the inventory. It is impossible to entrust a big sized inventory to an inexperienced person».

The preparation of the store is an essential element in the success of the inventory. It’s one of the reasons why, the person in charge of the inventory will insist on validating meticulously the marking with the store manager. This work enables us to guarantee that no drawer for example is “forgotten”.

The approach used by Ivalis:

  • A solide expertise of the perfumery sector
  • Simple and efficient tools, capable of reading small bar codes
  • An experience within any sized networks: from the independent store to the national network.
  • Geographical proximity, the capacity to select and mobilize several hundred experienced operators from the same labor market.
  • Quality of the supervision: the people in charge of the store inventories are all experienced Ivalis collaborators
  • Quality assurance of audits

HQI quality poll:

Average 9,28
Criterias Notes /10
Inventory preparation by Ivalis 9,50
The Ivalis control 9,17
Reliability of the data given 9,38
Consideration of specificities 9,17
The quality of the operators 9,17

(*) HQI quality polI carried out within 80 customers of Ivalis