Ivalis – France

The specificities linked to garden center inventories:

«Whether it is during spring or in the heart of winter, you do not improvise a stock inventory in the garden center sector», admits marc Ehrhard, Regional director for the East region, «The types of products and the challenges linked to them are so different that it is necessary to prepare the point of sale, and to position with care the most adapted operators».

Obviously, in winter in particular, low temperatures are an additional factor which justifies a sharp preparation so as to avoid any late termination.

The approach used by Ivalis:

  • A solid expertise in the Garden Center sector
  • Simple and efficient tools
  • An experience within any sized networks: from the independent store to large national networks
  • Geographical proximity, the capacity to select and mobilize hundreds of experienced operators
  • Quality of the management: the people in charge of the store inventories are all experienced Ivalis collaborators
  • Quality assurance of audits

What our clients think about it:

“The teams are well trained and the team leaders play very well their management role …”

(*) Study carried out by CM international amongst 45 retail brands

HQI quality poll:

Average 8,28
Criterias Notes /10
Inventory preparation by Ivalis 8,75
The Ivalis control 8,00
Reliability of the data given 8,13
Consideration of specificities 8,50
The quality of the operators 8,00

(*) HQI quality polI carried out within 80 customers of Ivalis