Ivalis – France

Inventory specificities for supermarkets:

For their inventories, supermarkets use more and more Ivalis support. For Fabien Heitz, sales manager of Ivalis France, the reason is simple “To optimize costs implies to focus on the business and to be very watchful of inventory shrinkage: to get to this result, it is better to focus the teams on the business trade and to entrust specialists with what is not at the business’s heart, in this case, stock inventories.”

Another asset: the team’s proximity. Supermarkets are sensitive to this aspect because they know that by employing local teams, they participate in the dynamism of a local economy.

The approach used by Ivalis

  • A strong expertise/knowledge of the supermarket sector
  • A capacity to take into account the store’s specificity and to answer customer expectations
  • A Geographical closeness, the capacity to select and to mobilize experimented operators on the same labor market
  • The quality of supervision, the people in charge of the inventories are all experienced ivalis collaborators
  • Homogeneity of the processes: each of the inventories are realized according to a very precise specification

What our clients think about it(*) :

“I like their marking system, our in house syste was very archaic …”

(*) Study carried out by CM international amongst 45 retail brands

HQI quality poll:

Average 8,35
Criterias Grades /10
Inventory preparation by Ivalis 8,33
The Ivalis control 8,00
Reliability of the data given 8,33
Consideration of specificities 8,33
The quality of the operators 8,75

(*) HQI quality polI carried out within 80 customers of Ivalis