Ivalis – France

Hypermarket inventories

Ivalis is the N°1 provider of most of the HM retailers in France, and each of the 18 Ivalis offices perfectly know hypermarket specificities. Each of them run HM inventories almost every week.

For Michel Royer, key account manager at Ivalis France, the key stakes on this sector are linked to the size of Hypermarkets: “First of all, the sector implies the capacity to select a great number of operators. Only a national wide provider, present on the whole territory is capable of guaranteeing the quality required. From this point of view, the strength of Ivalis is its meshing out of the territory which allows to enter strong relationships with schools and every employment player. With this, it is necessary to add very a strong and experienced organization: you cannot entrust such inventories to less experienced collaborators”.

The approach used by Ivalis:

  • Strong Expertise of the GSA sector: most of the big brands from this sector entrusts all or a part of their stores to Ivalis.
  • Geographical closeness, the capacity to select and mobilize several hundred experienced operators on the same labor market.
  • The quality of supervision, the people in charge of the inventories are all experienced ivalis collaborators.
  • Homogeneity of the processes: each of the inventories are realized according to a very precise specification.

What our clients think about it:(*)

“The criteria’s which urge us to choose the provider of our stock inventories are its reputation, its sustainability and its presence on the whole territory, guarantee of experience …”

“I thought that the majority of the work in inventorying was the counting of stocks, with Ivalis I realized that the preparation, the marking of the store were as important in the success of a physical inventory”.

(*) Study carried out by CM international amongst 45 retail brands.

HQI quality poll:

Criteria Grades /10
Inventory preparation by Ivalis 8,33
The Ivalis control 8,00
Reliability of the data given 8,33
Consideration of specificities 8,33
The quality of the operators 8,75
Average 8,35

(*) HQI quality polI carried out within 80 customers of Ivalis