Ivalis – France

Client case n°1: Enabling the stores to concentrate on business.

This Hypermarket brand had always done its inventories by itself. Rather satisfied with its own inventories, it still decided to turn towards outsourcing for two reasons: on one hand, the hypermarket was aware that by realizing 2 inventories per year, its teams would never have as much experience and expertise than an inventory expert who realizes dozens every evening and on the other hand, the brand’s philosophy was that each has to concentrate on the core of their job. Regarding his own teams, the core of their job was of course the business trade. Thus in 2006, it decided to test 2 providers (among which Ivalis) and give the choice to the stores to outsource or not. Today, 90% of hypermarkets in this brand have chosen outsourcing. Amongst them, close to 3 out of 4 prefer Ivalis.

The advantages of Ivalis (Client perception):

  • Local proximity: “Each year, the teams are the same”. “They know the store, the people in charge of the shelves”. “There is a true transmission of knowledge from a year to the next”
  • Know-how of the business line: “Our teams conducted one or two inventories per year. The Ivalis teams realize inventories all year: in the end, it is them who manage best the specifications of our stores”

Client case n°2: Product identification and tailor-made projects

This client owns a 120 stores (of do-it-yourself) in France. Each one of them has a stock of about a million products in terms surface area of sales and storage. In 2013, he needed to identify a certain amount of marking elements on every product. To put it plainly, it was necessary to examine closely each of the references. All of this in a time lapse of a few weeks.

Impossible to set up such a project without diverting the store teams from their jobs. It’s the reason why he called upon Ivalis, missioned to design then deploy the device. Mission accomplished.

The advantages of Ivalis: (Client perception):

  • Tailor-made: “It started from an empty sheet, this project was elaborated in a few weeks. Tested on a warehouse then in a store, it was then deployed on the whole territory”
  • Flexible: “The delays being very short, the store steams sometimes lack in preparation. Ivalis was able to adapt its team’s size accordingly.

Client case n°3: A capacity to work in numerous countries simultaneously.

This client, a major retailer in the textile sector has chosen in 2013 to entrust his 1000 European inventories exclusively to Ivalis. Even after testing another provider for a year.

What Ivalis offered him:

  • A centralized coordination, with a unique entry point
  • A guarantee of total homogeneity in the services: same tools, same process
  • The quickness of the performance and the reliability of the inventories
  • Reportings and quality monitoring


The advantages of Ivalis (Client perception):

  • Local proximity: “The Ivalis teams are local teams: the stores don’t find themselves having communication problems with foreign teams”
  • Simplicity: “A commercial contact for the whole of Europe, a quality centralized reporting”

Client case n°4: The control of the inventory process

The staff turnover in ready-made clothing represents a real challenge when comes the end of sales inventories. In any case that is the opinion of Francois. P who is in charge of 5 stores around the area of Lille. For him, the staff turnover generates a loss of knowledge between each of the inventory campaigns who require a training and a support which is often long and tedious. Not to mention the error risk whose effects (Depleted stocks on a key reference) are generally immediate on the turnover.

A difficulty which he definitively erased by trusting his inventories with Ivalis.

The advantages of Ivalis (Client perception):

  • “A particularly well established process. A fast and reliable planning: no last minute changes!”
  • “A better control of the inventory shrinkage: we feel reassured”
  • “A refined stock management with an immediate gain on the turnover”