Ivalis realize each year 13000 inventories over Europe. This experience acquired over 20 years, and the very strong geographical coverage, enables it to be a leader in the European market, particularly in France.
Ivalis takes care of every aspect of the service:

  • Information Technology preparation to adapt to your IT System
  • Store marking, very tight – according to the STM method, created by Ivalis
  • Counting
  • Control / Inventory shrinkage
  • Results delivery and reporting

The Ivalis teams are organized in local agencies, which guaranty a very strong proximity with the employment market and stores.

Since the beginning of 2013 the equipment of Ivalis has been entirely renewed. 100% wifi, very simple to take control and use, it enables to get your inventories done in the best conditions.

For your controls/inventory shrinkage, you have a wide pallet of solutions which will perfectly respond to your needs: sample audits, facings control, sensitive references, etc … For illustrative purposes, our software gives us the opportunity to carry out the controls and the corrections directly via scanner. A real ecological revolution!

A turnkey service which will enable your teams to concentrate on their jobs: running the business.