Ivalis, retail product identification specialist for over 20 years, offers to assist its clients in the implementation of RFID solutions. IVALIS not only realizes the deployments but also distributes solutions that are as efficient as they are economic, guarantying a fast return on investment.

Inventory expert for many years now, Ivalis has elaborated processes which enables its clients out of the ordinary reliability and completeness.

This know-how is particularly useful for the brands that turn to RFID : from this technology, you get speed and you can make a picture of your stocks almost every week but you cannot measure how reliable is your information. This is why this technology requires an extremely high control level.

A few examples:

  • How to be sure that the RFID chips have all been identified by the rackets?
  • How to be sure of the inventory shrinkage or masked management errors?
  • How to be sure that the internal processes have all been respected and that the chips are correctly encoded?

To fully control stocks and answer these questions, Ivalis offers its clients tailor made professional services.

  • Audits
  • Control inventories via inventory codes EAN
  • Accurate measure of the shrinkage
  • Management of the RFID inventory
  • Permanent inventory on sensitive references


For you, it’s the guarantee to depend upon an expert in the sector management of your flows and thus avoid step downs in your turn-over.