The implementation or the replacement of anti-theft devices in the textile sector or in general products with strong value require a very particular infrastructure :

  • The capacity to mobilize numerous and very experimented teams, often in a very short notice and simultaneously in many selling points.
  • The capacity to define then deploy a very sharp process
  • The capacity to measure before and after the good realization of the operation

These are assets that Ivalis possess and it is why Ivalis is more and more sought on this type of service. Thus Ivalis offers today perfectly adapted services for the needs of retailing :

  • High profile operations (Removal of the former anti-theft device, installation of the new)
  • Encoding if it is about RFID anti-theft devices
  • Installation of the detacher and interconnection with the POS of the shop
  • Traditional inventory
  • Training the teams from the distribution brand in the use of the technology