Ivalis is deeply involved in detecting and developing employees skills, so that each one can give the best of his professional qualities, and thus be ready to develop his responsabilities.

Our job is young and the mixing of our expertise and experience is essential to progress together. From this perspective, our training plan is based on formation programs realized internally by our collaborators, but also external programs. It is a question of developing by means of targeted formations, the skills allowing to understand, to adapt itself and to anticipate the requirements of our market, positioning us as a leader on our sector.

The management career policy is pro-active, it favors the evolution and promotion of our collaborators within our organization. Thus when a job is created or becomes vacant, it is offered internally by means of mobility announcements.

The annual maintenances are also the opportunity to spot the wills of professional and geographical mobility and if appropriate to answer it.

The career of our collaborators is the best illustration of our career management policy.