Ivalis’s job rests on the skills and state of mind of the teams: the formation, the motivation, skill acknowledgement and the possibilities of evolution are essential aspects in the strategy of Ivalis. It is because we are convinced by this, that we positioned the human being at the heart of the company.
Of course, beyond the acquisition of experience, in particular in terms of management, the directing HR department of Ivalis declines the three values of the group – Solidarity, Progress, Performance – in its main fields of intervention so that they take shape and meaning in the realization of our actions on a daily basis.


In every recruitment, Ivalis makes sure to find in the candidate the traits that forge the company’s culture: the desire to work in a group, to progress, to be effective, the sense of service and of correct customer relationships.

To all who join Ivalis, we make it a point of honor to propose them a real professional project as well as an equity and total transparency.

We are also very attached to reality on the ground. Hence, from their integration, and whatever post they will occupy, our new collaborators are going to participate in the realization of an inventory. They incorporate the specificities of our activity. They also measure that an inventory rests on teamwork, requiring the implication of each and every one to deliver quality service, moto of Ivalis.

By this experiment, the sense of the solidarity value takes shape.